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- The Ace may be a high playing Flange wood screws
- Now that you invested in an wood lag screws
- Power tools drill thousands of holes in wood lag screws
- Decorating a nursery does not need Self Tapping Screws
- Skateboarding is not only limited to Wood Screw

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Decorating a nursery does not need Self Tapping Screws to be a project that breaks the bank. Furnishings for a babys room are easy to find in gently used condition. By not purchasing your furnishings new, you can furnish your nursery for a fraction of the normal price. If you plan ahead, you may even be able to find an heirloom piece or a fantastic buy on high quality, barely used nursery furniture.

Bygone Days
There is something special about using an heirloom quilt that many generations of babies have snuggled in before, but you do need to be aware if you are using heirloom furniture in a nursery. Some older cribs and cradles were actually dangerous for the baby. For example, the crib slats were too far apart. And some older paints contained lead, so if you are using an antique piece of furniture for your babys bed, make sure that its construction is safe and strip it of all old paint. If you are repainting the furniture, you may want to add a decorative stencil to tie it into the rest of the nursery.

Display Antiques
Another fun thing to do with heirlooms is to use re purpose them and use them for something different than they were originally intended. For example, antique toys that are too delicate to withstand the rigors of a childs play are great accessories for decorating a nursery. A shelf displaying vintage toys and antique storybooks can be colorful for baby and interesting for parents. It will also make a great focal point for the nursery. You can pull your inspiration from an antique toy and decorate your childs nursery in a monkey theme or a teddy bear theme.

Treasures are All Around
If you do not have any heirlooms that have past from hand to hand in your family, then visit thrift stores and flea markets for some great finds. There are some online auction sites that also have vintage baby wares, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you will make discoveries in the strangest of places. Let friends know that you are looking for vintage toys and furniture, and you may find that someone was just waiting to find a home for their grandmas treasures.

Always Safety First
Again, be aware that old furniture can have loose screws or peeling paint. Construction may be dangerous, and unless you can make the furniture safe, then make sure it is for decorative purposes only. Make sure that any piece of furniture your child is going to actually use is up to modern day safety standards. Many of these standards came to be after a tragic accident that injured a child; so learn from the past and be aware of what you are putting in your childs room, and there is no reason that you cannot build a charming nursery design around family treasures.

By searching out and using vintage items in your babys bedroom, you tell the story of the ages. The juxtaposition of the very young against the very old tells the story of our history, and it gives weight and importance to this room while still leaving it playful and charming.

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