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- The Ace may be a high playing Flange wood screws
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The Ace may be a high playing Flange wood screws card in a deck of cards but it is also a most coveted prize in the game of golf. The Ace or proverbial hole in one is considered an eagle on a par 3, which is the more common par for an Ace or hole in one to occur. FYI   a birdie is the golf terminology for one under par and an eagle is two strokes below par, either of which is a substantial accomplishment on any golf hole. On extremely rare occasions, a hole in one has also been recorded on par 4 s, which would be considered a double eagle or Albatross ( three under par ), as affectionately called in the United Kingdom ( England, Ireland and Scotland ). In most extremely rare occasions a score of one has been recorded on par fives, and I m assuming the score would be considered a triple eagle or double albatross. If there is an official name given for a hole in one on a par five I am not privy to it because of the extreme rarity of the occurence. The Guinness Book of World Records notes a number of holes in one on par fives as does Golf Digest archives on occasion.

I can attest from personal experience that beside the skill factor there is some luck involved in achieving a hole in one. I ve been playing golf for over 30 years and have come so close to a hole in one on at least a dozen occasions. My ball has landed within 12&amp #8243; of the cup and has also ended up within 1/2&amp #8243; to 3&amp #8243; on at least 6 of those occasions. The reason I mentioned some luck is involved is that one time I was playing with a relatively new golfer that was probably a 30 handicapper ( average score in the 105 range ) and at the time I was a 12, and he hit his tee shot well off line on a par three hole of approx. 125 yards. The ball hit a tree, well off to the side of the hole, and rebounded back onto the green and went in the hole. I would consider that pretty lucky, wouldn t you agree ? There are a number of other similar tales regarding holes in one but most players who make them are fairly skilled and usually play often.

One time while playing Marine Park Golf Course in Brooklyn I was on the 14th hole par five, which runs adjacent Flatbush Avenue. The hole is approximately 514 yards from the tee location we were playing that day. I hit a drive flush and launched it about 300 yards down the right side of the fairway. I was a fairly long hitter at the time and I knew I could reach the green in two with a five iron for my second shot. I waited for the group in front to clear the green and hit another one on the screws and I knew the ball was heading for the flag and the cup. The group in front was part of the Marine Park Golf Club, which I belonged to at the time, and they were waving and cheering so I thought the ball may have gone in. When I arrived at the green a few minutes later the ball was sitting about a half inch from the cup and a double eagle. I had a tap in for an eagle but a double would have been much more rewarding for me than a hole in one because it is more difficult and a rarer feat to accomplish. I also came within a foot of a double eagle on a 275 yard par 4 one time but once again it was not meant to be. My goal is to get that elusive  Ace  before my 60th birthday, which is a few years away. I wish all you new and seasoned golfers alike the Best of Luck with achieving your  Hole In One . Happy Golfing to All !

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